About Us


One day my wife was out in the garden trying to hang a heavy flower basket on one of those cheap hardware store shepherd's hooks and it wasn't working out. She would stomp the thing into the ground and get it kind of straight, but when she hung the basket, it would lean crooked. I saw her frustration and went to help. After several failed attempts myself to get it to look straight I told her "That's a piece of garbage"
Her reply? "Okay Mr. smarty pants since you're the big weld shop guy why don't you come up with something better"
So, it was on! It took a couple of years of real-world trial and error and with each new version and idea I asked her to critique the product. We would resolve her concerns and continue testing. Eventually no more improvements were required. We made some as gifts (at our small family-owned welding business) for family and friends . Every one of them said "You need to sell these"
So here we are! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thank you for your support.